The Unstill Life Virtual Fitness Challenge is where it’s at! Here’s the dang deal…

THE CHALLENGE: do a specific number of minutes of exercise in a given month. You can go for 500 minutes (average of ~15 minutes a day), 1000 minutes (~30 minutes a day), 1500 (~45 minutes a day) or 2000 (~60 minutes a day). You don’t have to work out every day. You can participate no matter where you are, and it’s open to all fitness levels–you choose your own activities and fitness minute goal.

The FUN & MOTIVATING PART: You’re part of a virtual community AND you can win money! More exercise increases your chances, but anyone that reaches the minutes goal gets money back and some people get bonus prizes.

HOW DO YOU TURN EXERCISE INTO MONEY? You register by paying $25. Of that, $12 goes into a pot and is split by all those who make the monthly minutes goal. $3 of each payment goes into a separate pot, 1/3 of this pot goes to the highest minutes person, 1/3 goes to second place person, and the remaining 1/3 goes to a goal achiever drawn at random. (The rest goes to me, your fitness facilitator, and to taxes.)

WHAT COUNTS: Pretty much any aerobic and strength-related activity counts, but a session must be a minimum of 20* minutes of continuous activity. Walk, run, lift weights, yoga, stair-climb, Cross Fit, swim, bike, Wii fit, skate, take a strength class, whatever. Commuting (bike or walk) and yard work count if they are continuous 20-minutes minimum*  and steadily keep your heart rate above a moderate level. Choose a level that will be a challenge for you– don’t scoop the 500 level just because you can. Your exercises should be a good push for you—whatever that may be. Use this challenge to take yourself to the next level. *(The minimum workout is 15 minutes for the 500 Minutes group.)

CHECK-INS: You check in on our group Facebook page (or email me) on each Sunday and the last day of the month and list your minutes for the week broken out by the day. Put reminders in your calendar so you don’t miss a check-in! IF YOU FORGET TO REPORT, you MIGHT or MIGHT NOT get lucky since I usually do the tally a day or so later. HOWEVER, YOU RISK not getting that week’s minutes counted!  Put the daily workouts and minutes and the total for that week. like this:

Sept 1 – 20 mins wogging

Sept 2 – 20 mins hula hoop + 30 mins of Prancercize

Sept 3 – nada…sat around!

Sept 4- 40 mins extreme archery

Total for the week – 110 mins

Use a calculator, okay? My experience shows that you’re not as good at math in your head as you think you are. It’s okay to put two or more things a day, just make it clear what your total for the day is and include your total for the week. I’ll check your math and keep a running total for the month. If your minutes report isn’t clear for some reason, I’ll ask you to clarify and not add those minutes until I hear back from you.

READY TO START? Here’s what to do next:

  • First, pay your $25 entry fee via PayPal. Click over to the Payments page and use the link to pay for the Fitness Challenge. In the note field, tell me which level you want to join: 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 Minutes.
  • Next, go to Facebook and Friend me:  I’ll invite you to the group page for your minutes level. If you don’t do Facebook, email me so I know.
  • Start counting minutes and report on Sunday!

This is open to all and super fun when you do it with family and friends, invite them to join and send them a link to this page. As a recruiting bonus, I’ll put your name in the random drawing an additional time for everyone you bring in. Recruit three friends? You TRIPLE your chances!

And finally, by joining in this challenge you agree to the following: Exercise has inherent risks. You should have the approval of your doctor before you start a new exercise program. You assume all risk and take responsibility for your own well-being. You hold me and this program harmless of any responsibility. You agree to abide by the rules laid out so far, and by any new rules advanced by the host to deal with unforeseen circumstances. This is for fun and health and not worth any of us getting stressed out over. If you feel any real problem exists, you agree to raise it the spirit of good sporting-ship. And this is the honor system, so be honorable!

Okay? Let’s Move!