First OWS of the Summer

7:30am, 60 degrees, sprinkles, and calm Lake Washington. Tony Zanol sported the Au Naturel swim cap and Karen O’Connor kept the conversation going. OWS stands for open-water swim, and I usually do the first one of the season in late May or but it’s taken until late June this year. Thanks to Tony and Karen … More First OWS of the Summer

What feelings do you associate with letting go of a goal? relief clarity motivation excitement This isn’t a trick question. A woman I started working with recently set a goal to run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. She’d done half marathons before, but hadn’t been running or exercising much recently. So that was great–I’m … More

Gifts of Injury

I broke a rib in early October and launched a (so-far) 6-week living meditation on the gifts of injury. I have colleagues, students and clients who deal with injuries, so I hear about them almost daily. I check in with someone who has plantar fasciitis threatening, or a flared up IT band, or a pulled … More Gifts of Injury