Winter Sun Running

Here in Seattle it’s 32 degrees, and brilliantly sunny. Though it’s a bit of a shock going outside, I’ll easily trade temperature for that light. Winter sun is a precious gift in this region. It feels extra shimmery somehow, to see the bare branches illuminated with an orange glow. The extreme slanted angle brings it … More Winter Sun Running

Gifts of Injury

I broke a rib in early October and launched a (so-far) 6-week living meditation on the gifts of injury. I have colleagues, students and clients who deal with injuries, so I hear about them almost daily. I check in with someone who has plantar fasciitis threatening, or a flared up IT band, or a pulled … More Gifts of Injury

In Praise of PT

I am a fan of physical therapy. Massage restores me and helps me stay in balance. I try to get a massage a couple of times a month. I have had hit-and-miss chiropractic and soft-tissue work, Acupuncture is a bit of a mystery to me. And I believe all of these modes of treatment compliment … More In Praise of PT

A Breathing Break

It is easy to dismiss something that sounds as insignificant as a breathing break. I didn’t even capitalize it—see how small that seems? But in the eight months since losing my dad, and the year that my sister and I took care of him through pancreatic cancer and treatment, I have learned that a breathing … More A Breathing Break