Eve of the Run

Running gear is laid out. I’ve packed my Gu and Metro card, made my meet-up plan with David, thought through my transit plan for getting to the Staten Island ferry by 7am. Traded texts with other runners and well-wishing friends. I’m ready. I can feel myself on the verge of letting go of all this … More Eve of the Run

Big Ride Eve

Tomorrow morning around 7am, I launch on Part Two of the Broken Ironman, the double metric century bike ride. 200K equals 124 miles, a good 40 miles longer than the longest training ride I’ve done. It’s the Chuckanut Century out of Bellingham, Washington. It’s gorgeous up here and the weather is perfect. I’m feeling a … More Big Ride Eve

What feelings do you associate with letting go of a goal? relief clarity motivation excitement This isn’t a trick question. A woman I started working with recently set a goal to run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. She’d done half marathons before, but hadn’t been running or exercising much recently. So that was great–I’m … More

What Kept Me Going

Some races I enjoy. Some I gut out. The Mercer Island Half Marathon on Sunday was the latter. It’s a beautiful event. While it’s been going on for over 40 years, and has a big registration, it still feels home-grown, with so much community support and not a lot of commercialism. The route is gorgeous … More What Kept Me Going

Winter Sun Running

Here in Seattle it’s 32 degrees, and brilliantly sunny. Though it’s a bit of a shock going outside, I’ll easily trade temperature for that light. Winter sun is a precious gift in this region. It feels extra shimmery somehow, to see the bare branches illuminated with an orange glow. The extreme slanted angle brings it … More Winter Sun Running