Gifts of Injury

I broke a rib in early October and launched a (so-far) 6-week living meditation on the gifts of injury. I have colleagues, students and clients who deal with injuries, so I hear about them almost daily. I check in with someone who has plantar fasciitis threatening, or a flared up IT band, or a pulled … More Gifts of Injury

Pain and Suffering

It was in the middle of a long, cold, wet and achy bike ride that I finally understood a phrase David often quotes: “There’s a difference between pain and suffering.” Pain and discomfort are the physical realities: “Wow, this is a hard ride, my legs are completely beat, and I’m freezing”. Suffering is the mental … More Pain and Suffering

Running with Realities

A mentor of mine says we start with an ideal training or workout schedule, but ultimately we’re always running with realities. When I worked with a coach, I learned this by experience. My life kept intervening in my training schedule. Every week I would report back and say, well, this week was a little crazy … More Running with Realities

A Breathing Break

It is easy to dismiss something that sounds as insignificant as a breathing break. I didn’t even capitalize it—see how small that seems? But in the eight months since losing my dad, and the year that my sister and I took care of him through pancreatic cancer and treatment, I have learned that a breathing … More A Breathing Break


Hi all, Sorry for the long absence. Many of you know that my dear dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about two weeks ago. For most of that time I’ve been in Florida with him, my stepmom and my sister helping get tests done, seeing doctors, making decisions about treatment and getting it rolling. Of … More Gratitude

A Milestone

Just a brief post to announce a milestone I hit last week. After months of study and two years of practical experience with my clients and classes, I took my certification exam last week and passed. I am now a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and can bandy about the … More A Milestone

20-Minutes-a-Day and Other Baby Steps to Change Your Life

Reports are coming in that my post on doing just 20 non-negotiable minutes a day of exercise struck a chord. Friends at parties, colleagues signing off emails, even my road warrior pal David is saying “Did my 20 minutes!” The success of this simple strategy lies in just that–it’s simple. We have big aspirations for … More 20-Minutes-a-Day and Other Baby Steps to Change Your Life