Winter Sun Running

Here in Seattle it’s 32 degrees, and brilliantly sunny. Though it’s a bit of a shock going outside, I’ll easily trade temperature for that light. Winter sun is a precious gift in this region. It feels extra shimmery somehow, to see the bare branches illuminated with an orange glow. The extreme slanted angle brings it … More Winter Sun Running

Gifts of Injury

I broke a rib in early October and launched a (so-far) 6-week living meditation on the gifts of injury. I have colleagues, students and clients who deal with injuries, so I hear about them almost daily. I check in with someone who has plantar fasciitis threatening, or a flared up IT band, or a pulled … More Gifts of Injury

Pain and Suffering

It was in the middle of a long, cold, wet and achy bike ride that I finally understood a phrase David often quotes: “There’s a difference between pain and suffering.” Pain and discomfort are the physical realities: “Wow, this is a hard ride, my legs are completely beat, and I’m freezing”. Suffering is the mental … More Pain and Suffering

Thanks Diana

Diana Nyad’s accomplishment has me thinking. It seems to have a lot of people thinking about exertion, endurance, having outrageous fitness aspirations and pushing yourself even as you get older. I hear people express fear about pushing themselves as though they believe there’s some danger in it. When I talk to my mom about my … More Thanks Diana