June ‘eed to Be Fitter!

Another month, another chance to play the fitness challenge! This month’s version is called June ‘eed to Be Fitter!, and we’ve iterated and improved. If you’re new to this, a recap: it doesn’t matter where you are–Seattle, Memphis, San Francisco, Palo Alto, New Orleans, Asheville, wherever. And it’ doesn’t matter what your fitness level–you choose … More June ‘eed to Be Fitter!

What feelings do you associate with letting go of a goal? relief clarity motivation excitement This isn’t a trick question. A woman I started working with recently set a goal to run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. She’d done half marathons before, but hadn’t been running or exercising much recently. So that was great–I’m … More

May: You Be Fit!

Hey Kids, I’m hosting a low-threshold and fun virtual fitness challenge for the month of May. I’ve been involved in a similar one myself for the past month and finding it motivating and a good online community. So, you are invited to get in on this. I’m calling it May: You Be Fit! One cool … More May: You Be Fit!

What Kept Me Going

Some races I enjoy. Some I gut out. The Mercer Island Half Marathon on Sunday was the latter. It’s a beautiful event. While it’s been going on for over 40 years, and has a big registration, it still feels home-grown, with so much community support and not a lot of commercialism. The route is gorgeous … More What Kept Me Going

Good Bye Samoas

I think it has only just hit my consciousness that Girl Scout Cookies have a season. I know this because I just survived it. David brought home a box of Samoas, the chocolate dipped shortbread ring cookies with a ruff of toasted coconut. How did I not know about these before? As soon as they … More Good Bye Samoas

The Power of Fun

I believe in the power of fun. It’s one of the best things you can have. Before my fitness work, I did game development. Board games, party games, ropes-course-y experiential games, and big social run-climb-grab-open-maneuver-twist-discover mind-and-body games. It turns out that stuff is hard for me to shake. In my fitness work, designing group fitness … More The Power of Fun

Tiny Habits Taking Seed

“I believe in habits. I believe in certain techniques that you do to prepare yourself, and I think that’s important.”- Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks quarterback, quoted in the Seattle Times, January 17, 2014 All week I’ve been practicing three new tiny habits, working them into my day so they become seamless and automatic. For the fifth … More Tiny Habits Taking Seed