May: You Be Fit!

Hey Kids, I’m hosting a low-threshold and fun virtual fitness challenge for the month of May. I’ve been involved in a similar one myself for the past month and finding it motivating and a good online community. So, you are invited to get in on this. I’m calling it May: You Be Fit! One cool … More May: You Be Fit!

Frolic #2

The Frolic is a regular event I started as a way to bring people together to play, and it’s gaining ground. Once a month, we meet up to do something fun and social in motion. It doesn’t have to be vigorous, but it’s more than just sitting or standing around. It also doesn’t have to … More Frolic #2

I Frolic. You?

Left to my own devices, I would frolic all the live-long day. Going from one interest to another. Not entirely unproductive, but errands and accomplishments woven with reverie. I think about how to make that a legit part of my life. And in the past month, I decided to incorporate an official Frolic into my … More I Frolic. You?

Christmas Eve Eve and a Run on the River

We’re heading into the thick of the holiday goodness. I travelled all day yesterday and arrived to hang with my extended Memphis family. Dinner included Italian meatloaf sliced to reveal a section of hardboiled egg inside, mashed potatoes, endive salad with Maytag bleu cheese and pine nuts, glazed carrots, and nephew-made cinnamon rolls for dessert. … More Christmas Eve Eve and a Run on the River