June ‘eed to Be Fitter!

Another month, another chance to play the fitness challenge! This month’s version is called June ‘eed to Be Fitter!, and we’ve iterated and improved. If you’re new to this, a recap: it doesn’t matter where you are–Seattle, Memphis, San Francisco, Palo Alto, New Orleans, Asheville, wherever. And it’ doesn’t matter what your fitness level–you choose … More June ‘eed to Be Fitter!

May: You Be Fit!

Hey Kids, I’m hosting a low-threshold and fun virtual fitness challenge for the month of May. I’ve been involved in a similar one myself for the past month and finding it motivating and a good online community. So, you are invited to get in on this. I’m calling it May: You Be Fit! One cool … More May: You Be Fit!

Playing in the Rain

This week I’ve been taking my classes back outside after being in a warm and dry dance studio since November. It’s a welcome transition, but it takes a little fortitude. When we go inside to Velocity Dance Center in the late Fall, I welcome the change. It’s 64 degrees, the wood floors are glowing golden … More Playing in the Rain

The Power of Fun

I believe in the power of fun. It’s one of the best things you can have. Before my fitness work, I did game development. Board games, party games, ropes-course-y experiential games, and big social run-climb-grab-open-maneuver-twist-discover mind-and-body games. It turns out that stuff is hard for me to shake. In my fitness work, designing group fitness … More The Power of Fun

Winter Sun Running

Here in Seattle it’s 32 degrees, and brilliantly sunny. Though it’s a bit of a shock going outside, I’ll easily trade temperature for that light. Winter sun is a precious gift in this region. It feels extra shimmery somehow, to see the bare branches illuminated with an orange glow. The extreme slanted angle brings it … More Winter Sun Running

Gifts of Injury

I broke a rib in early October and launched a (so-far) 6-week living meditation on the gifts of injury. I have colleagues, students and clients who deal with injuries, so I hear about them almost daily. I check in with someone who has plantar fasciitis threatening, or a flared up IT band, or a pulled … More Gifts of Injury