Part One of the Broken Ironman: Swim Done!

I swam like an eagle (i.e.; technique wasn’t pretty), but the elements and experience were epically gorgeous. Seattle did its meteorological thing on Wednesday morning and brought a sudden cool, cloudy and very windy couple of hours that coincided perfectly with our swim event–the Puget Sound Blood Center’s Swim For Life. My crossing (somewhere between … More Part One of the Broken Ironman: Swim Done!

Tomorrow We Swim!

The first event of my Broken Ironman happens tomorrow (Wednesday) morning! It’s the Puget Sound Blood Center’s Swim for Life–fundraiser for bone marrow testing and matching. I’ll be swimming from Medina Park to Madison Park 2.25 miles (Okay not quite the Ironman distance of 2.4, but we’re going call it good.) David DeBusk and Tony … More Tomorrow We Swim!

First OWS of the Summer

7:30am, 60 degrees, sprinkles, and calm Lake Washington. Tony Zanol sported the Au Naturel swim cap and Karen O’Connor kept the conversation going. OWS stands for open-water swim, and I usually do the first one of the season in late May or but it’s taken until late June this year. Thanks to Tony and Karen … More First OWS of the Summer

June ‘eed to Be Fitter!

Another month, another chance to play the fitness challenge! This month’s version is called June ‘eed to Be Fitter!, and we’ve iterated and improved. If you’re new to this, a recap: it doesn’t matter where you are–Seattle, Memphis, San Francisco, Palo Alto, New Orleans, Asheville, wherever. And it’ doesn’t matter what your fitness level–you choose … More June ‘eed to Be Fitter!