Here are some of the things my clients are saying about working with me.

Working with you, and having your support have meant the world to me. Both leading up to yesterday and at the race.  In my mission to engage in self-care this year, you have offered perspective, motivation, challenges, accountability, and so much dynamic fun – in the world of becoming fit.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with you. – Kathryn

Thanks to Rachel, I have gone from couch potato to a leaner green bean! I really fell off the exercise wagon for 8 months and I didn’t feel good.  Rachel doesn’t judge you and when you work with her, she really listens to what is going on with you and customizes a reasonable work out that keeps you motivated.  In the first week of training with Rachel, I am sleeping better and have more energy.  I have noticed my body getting more toned every week–I have a trimmer belly! Yea!  I highly recommend her as a personal trainer or her group sessions.Janet

I did the Shore Run 10K yesterday and it went great!  I was hoping to come in under an hour and I got in at about 58:00.  I was really pleased with that. …I thought of so many things that you have taught us to get me through. Thanks for your wonderful coaching and support. –Monica

Rachel helped me focus on the nutrition side of the equation and “jump start” some weight loss… I did a 5-day Reset program and then continued to focus on healthy eating choices and avoiding the bad habits that had just become part of my normal routine. Over the course of a year I lost 30 pounds and felt so much stronger and healthier. I know the combination of Rachel’s strength classes and the Reset have really combined to help me make good choices.

I have always been a runner, but I never really shook things up…just would plod along and do my lap of Green Lake and hope my body would change….it wasn’t until the boot camp classes and the healthy changes in eating habits that I really started to see results. –Molly

I had always wanted to compete in a triathlon, but the thing about triathlons is that they always insist on including a swim leg. Cycling and running and most other activities that include a reasonable proximity to terra firma, I can do. But having grown up in the mountains–I can’t swim. Or at least I couldn’t, until I found Rachel who showed me the way. I had four weeks to learn to swim like a swimmer and I hired Rachel to coach me. She filled me with the confidence that I needed to continue. My form improved, my endurance increased, my confidence brimmed, and we managed to laugh a lot to boot!

On race day, Rachel was there to calm my nerves and redirect my thoughts of doubt to thoughts of success. The gun went off and I was swimming like a swimmer, and then I finished the swim (!), made the transition to the bike and run, and kept thinking positive thoughts, just like she taught me. And then I finished, just like she knew I would. I finished second overall. And I couldn’t have done it without her. – Paul, first-time triathlete)

Just wanted to thank  you for the cooking class and very yummy meal!  I really enjoyed all the recipes and especially appreciated the nutritional information.  It gave me just enough to expand my horizons and gave me some great things to try for the holidays. – Kelly, cooking/nutrition class participant

thank you for helping to turn me into a runner for the joy of running and for having a strong body and not only as a method of calorie burning. –Jen