I’m Rachel Carey DeBusk. I’m a personal trainer certified through the American College of Sports Medicine, and a USA Triathlon Coach. Before turning to fitness, I completed a Masters in Education focused on motivation and play, and I designed games for a living. Now, I put all those things together to give you the tools for living healthy, staying motivated and pushing your fitness to new levels.

That’s the short version. If you’d like to go a littler deeper, read on.

My Philosophy

I’ve done dozens of triathlons, 5Ks, 10Ks and half marathons, and several long endurance events. Sometimes I make the podium, usually I place rather down in the pack. But a few years ago, I hadn’t done any of it. And now I love turning people on to what their bodies and their willpower can do for them. Having not always been an active person, I know some tricks to falling in love with it and keeping yourself in the game. I believe you need to find the pleasure in fitness and keep it central to your plan. I’ll help you do that.

My Credentials

I have a Masters degree in Education from Antioch University. My studies focused on motivation and how adults tap into learning and creativity through play.

I am certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer, the USA Triathlon Association as a Level 1 Triathlon Coach, and the American Council on Exercise as a Group Fitness Instructor. I’m also a first responder, trained by the Red Cross in First Aid and CPR.

I also work with active people on sport and exercise nutrition using the coaching practices of Precision Nutrition.

My Fitness Accomplishments

I have completed many running and multi-sport events from 5 and 10K fun runs to half marathons to half Ironman triathlons. Some highlights:

In the years since my first race, I’ve improved my 5K time from 33:00 to 22:21, an 11-minute mile pace to a 7-minute mile pace.

I have placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in my Age Group in numerous Sprint and Olympic distance triathlons, and was 1st place woman Overall in the Lake Meridian Super Sprint 2011.

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