Running with Realities

A mentor of mine says we start with an ideal training or workout schedule, but ultimately we’re always running with realities. When I worked with a coach, I learned this by experience. My life kept intervening in my training schedule. Every week I would report back and say, well, this week was a little crazy … More Running with Realities

First Runs

Driving around Memphis, where I grew up, I came across this scene and remembered it was the site of my first attempt at running. I would have been about 17. I probably ran no more than a mile or two and was completely wiped afterward. I just assumed I could pick up and start running, … More First Runs

Good Years Ahead

I’m in Memphis, my home town, for a friend Mahaffey’s 100th birthday. Mahaffey is mentally sharp, lives independently, still drives, has an active social life, checks on her neighbors, makes and exhibits her art, and seems as physically fit as someone in her 70s or 80s. I’m sure she could tell me something about what … More Good Years Ahead