Longest Runs and Race Around the Corner

Well, I’ve fallen down on the blog updates. But thankfully, training has held together with the help of a pacer friend, good podcasts and excellent replenishing bodywork along the way. Just want to recap some of the runs and thoughts.

March 13

20 Mile run = 12 miles easy pace, 4 miles marathon pace, 1 mile easy, final two miles as hard as possible.

Location: Luna Park to Alki to Lincoln Park, south of Vashon Ferry and back the same way.

Help: Paul Porte for the final 5 miles – helping me keep the pace when it got ugly. What a pal!

This went exactly by the script. Probably the most confidence building marathon training run I’ve had.

10 miles in to 20.

March 19th

The Mercer Island Half Marathon was my next test – 13.1 miles at marathon or faster pace. A bunch of folks in the Running Rx group did Mercer races, so the day was a blast.

Start line Mercer Half

Running Rx runners in March: Hiromi at Mercer Half, Jerry and Ruth at Rock n Roll SF, Sarah at Mercer.

Running Rx Brunch after Mercer Half. We all sampled Rachel S’s crazy leg compression thingies. Felt Awwwwsome.

March 27

Following Mercer, I had one last 20 miler to hit and took it up to Rattlesnake Lake and the Snoqualmie Valley trail on the recommendation of Rachel Scheiner. It’s a long downhill, then flat and then you return on the same route, making the last ~5 miles up hill. This run sucked. Lots of slower than race pace segments in the latter half and some walking breaks on the hill. At least the views were inspiring. I was glad to be done with the long runs and in spite of the lackluster final run, I feel like training has been on track.

Mt Si seen from Snoqualmie Valley Trail just outside of North Bend.
The end of the long runs. Stood in Rattlesnake Lake to cool my legs.

I’ve been tapering for a couple of weeks. Snuggling my foam roller, eat everything in sight, and sleeping really well. It’s now Friday of race weekend (Monday is race day–Patriot’s Day, Boston’s own special holiday). Sister Elea arrived in Seattle today–she’s my caretaker on this venture. So it’s all getting real. Just now back from a send-off party with sweet pals to bed down the butterflies. All packed and ready for bed. David’s taking us to the airport 5:10am. Next post will be from Boston… Thanks for reading this far 😉