Surviving the Not-Longest Runs (and Becoming a Better Citizen & Coach)

The mileage is ticking up for Boston Marathon training. I’ve done 14, 15 and 16 miles in the past month. These runs feel epic by my baseline run standards (6-8 miles), but when you realize that the longest one of those is still comes up 10 miles short of a marathon, it’s kind of humbling.

14-miler – Madison Valley, Arboretum, Union Bay Natural Area, UW campus, Burke Gilman trail, Montlake neighborhood. As this was a couple of days after the inauguration and I still had Women’s March slogans ringing in my head, I chose to listen to podcasts about citizenship and political activism. If you find yourself wondering how to be more involved, check out the work of Eric Liu, a wise and passionate advocate of active citizenship. Though he’s progressive, his values are about educating yourself to be active and use your power as citizen wherever you fall on the political spectrum.

There’s No Such Thing as Not Voting

Power to the People

The Art of Powerful Citizenship


15-Miler – Leschi-I-90-Mercer Island-I-90-Leschi (Hilly!)

This was a tough one–not just long, but the hills of Mercer wore out my legs and worked my lungs (just what I need, really). Took a few rest stops and short walk breaks. Continued with the political content, but this time opted for racial injustice. Such a great earful from Dr. Robin DiAngelo who teaches about racism at UW and as a trainer consultant to all kinds of organizations trying to understand how to stop perpetuating racial injustice. I don’t use SHOULD a lot, but if you’re white you should listen to this. If you’re white and you think you’re more or less in the clear on the racism front, listen to this. And if you’re white and feeling fragile (or defensive, or resistant, or scared or hopeless)–it’s okay–just listen to it, ‘kay?

Race and White Fragility

Long loud dang bridge
Headed home – I can see my house from here, but it’s a long loud dang bridge.


~ Mile 10 Looking toward Seward Park from Mercer.
~ Mile 10 Looking toward Seward Park from Mercer.

16-Miler- One of my favorite training routes–the Female Reproductive System (see below). One big lake, two canals, five bridges, and a set of Locks. This run went way better than last week’s. One short stop, very steady pace the whole way. Content of choice was a mentor of mine–Bevan James Eyles–who produces a fantastic podcast called Fitness Behavior. He’s absolutely gifted when it comes to understanding our motivational wiring and where people often get tripped up in fitness consistency or in just growing more each day. I listened to these gems…

Two Conversations with Matt Fitzgerald (a top writer on endurance sports and nutrition)

Beware of Silver Bullet Solutions

How Do You Reward Yourself?

The Female Reproductive System Run

More runs to come. I’m looking down the barrel at 17, 18 and 20…