My Revealing Shopping List

ImageI was at the check out stand at Pharmaca about to swipe my card for a bottle of Tranquil Sleep melatonin supplement when I realized that the one other item on my shopping list for the day was coffee. With this clever nudge from the cosmos I was persuaded to take a closer look at my habits.

Sometimes it’s right in front of you and you look through it. Of course I was aware I was both drinking coffee and occasionally taking a sleep aid, but somehow it hadn’t penetrated to a meaningful layer of my psyche that those two things might be related. Or maybe I didn’t want them to be because that would suggest I do something different. But laughing with the Pharmaca cashier, something clicked. I had a realization, a new intention and the seed of a new behavior. These days I’m sporting a matcha green tea or a rooibos latte, with rice milk tastes great, but with oat milk gets divinely frothy.

I think this is common in behavior change situations. You identify something you want to change, but there’s a lot of ambiguity about actually doing stuff differently. Because you also love things the way they are. And you’re just so dang used to doing what you do.

What contradiction is staring you in the face and waiting for you to notice?