Part One of the Broken Ironman: Swim Done!

10590539_4443130374133_1947234673108336254_nI swam like an eagle (i.e.; technique wasn’t pretty), but the elements and experience were epically gorgeous. Seattle did its meteorological thing on Wednesday morning and brought a sudden cool, cloudy and very windy couple of hours that coincided perfectly with our swim event–the Puget Sound Blood Center’s Swim For Life. My crossing (somewhere between 2.2 and 2.5 miles) took 90 minutes and it was the roughest open water swim I’ve ever done by a long shot. Fortunately our team had two paddlers–David DeBusk in a kayak and Richard Wardell kneeling on a paddleboard. I was completely dependent on Richard since the waves were too high to sight effectively without stopping entirely and sticking my head up. My swim partners–Michael Lamb, Paul Coldren and Patty Gustaveson all swam beautifully. Whenever I caught up to them taking a short break they were tittering like they were at a cocktail party. Well done all!

Image 6 At the start side Medina Beach (above)…and the finish side Madison Park Beach (below)…!

Image 4