An Open Water Swimmer is Born

Evernote Camera Roll 20140725 112839This was a shot of joy. My friend Stokley’s daughter Lavinia (aka Lava) who is 13 and has been a pool swimmer for a few years told me she wanted to try lake swimming. I loaned her a wetsuit and off we went with Stokley paddling the orange kayak escort. Lava was born to it. Duck weed, which sends many pool swimmers into gross-out convulsions, was just laughable to her. Deep water, not an issue. Lurking creatures were just points of curiosity. Since she’s fluent in several strokes, Lava could swim along at a good freestyle pace, and then breast stroke to get a better sighting, and flip over and backstroke to take a little breather. I kept checking to see if she wanted to grab onto a nearby dock for a rest and each time she said, “No I’m fine. The houses look so cool from here!”

Lava says she’s up for more open water, and I can’t wait.