A Ride and a Run on the Oly Peninsula

photo 1 It’s an annual ritual–July 4th at our friend Annie’s cabin near Quilcene on Hood Canal. And this year, the perfect destination to build a 45-mile training ride around. The first mile (from my house in Leschi up the Yesler hill) may have been the hardest part. Then it’s coasting into downtown, past the long line of cars and the manic glide into the wide mouth of a Washington State ferry.Image 3

The route to Annie’s took me up Bainbridge Island, across Agate Pass and off the highway onto side roads through the Suquammish reservation, past Chief Sealth’s birth place and burial site, Alpaca farms. and across Hood Canal bridge, where Paul Porte arrived to ride the second half with me. It was a hard ride, but much better with a friend. And riding point to point and away from my typical routes is way more engaging.

Image 2 Sunday morning’s workout was a drop-back week for marathon training. After three weeks of progressively longer runs, I take an easier 6-mile run. I drove north and ran from Port Hadlock into Irondale. Modest cottages, mobile homes and tumbling down places with Shetland ponies and ships dry-docked in the yard, and an abandoned Jesus is Lord service station. I never tire of run-exploring a new territory.

Image 1