First OWS of the Summer

Swim Caps Not Flattering

7:30am, 60 degrees, sprinkles, and calm Lake Washington. Tony Zanol sported the Au Naturel swim cap and Karen O’Connor kept the conversation going.

OWS stands for open-water swim, and I usually do the first one of the season in late May or but it’s taken until late June this year. Thanks to Tony and Karen for getting me out there. We swam about half a mile total, south toward the I-90 bridge and back. Just before this, I’d taught my class, and done quite a bit of upper body strength work. I thought that would have warmed up my arms and set me up for a power swim, but the reverse happened and I felt like I almost didn’t have any arms. In spite of it being late June, it still felt real cold. Rennaud’s Syndrome (temporarily blanched/numb fingers and toes due to cold) attacked my bare feet and hands. But that makes it all the more satisfying to look forward to the hot shower after. How I love an open-water swim! Locomoting through water to get somewhere! Hillsides and homes in quick rhythmic glimpses from water level. And longer intervals of blue green abyss. Blue green abysssss…hillside! Blue green abyssss…boats! Blue green abyss…waterfront home! Blue green abyss…float plane! Abyss…bridge pylons! Love it.

Also this week, a great track workout with a newly assembled band of track stars who are doing my summer speed workout series. We did running guru Matt Fitzgerald’s 600 Breakdown workout: 600m, 500m, 400m, 300m, 200m (at hard pace per distance) with a 300 easy jog recovery after each. Running with the likes of Paul Porte, David Lawrence, Deirdre Doyle, Melanie Wang and Monika Guzikowski we’ll all get faster. (Way to go Monika on her first mile time trial–7:40!)