Frolic #2

Shadows against a rust background

The Frolic is a regular event I started as a way to bring people together to play, and it’s gaining ground. Once a month, we meet up to do something fun and social in motion. It doesn’t have to be vigorous, but it’s more than just sitting or standing around. It also doesn’t have to be outside, though with nicer weather coming along, we’ll likely be Frolicking al fresco frequently.

Frolic #1 was a Friday early evening session of bowling at the Garage. Fun, though not very imaginative, and I regretted that the bowling alley adjoined a bar, so people with kids couldn’t join. Still we had a nice core group show up. We bowled a couple of games and the Frolic was born.

Frolic #2 is more along the lines of how I’d like to see the genre evolve. A beautiful Sunday afternoon. A sculpture garden along the waterfront. Friends, friends-of-friends, a kid, a dog and several interactions with strangers. Walking, climbing, building, inventing. I came ready with a scavenger hunt list of a dozen items or scenarios to photograph. We made our way through the park searching for or creating those. What follows is photo-documentation of Frolic #2.

Image 1
Create a sculpture using five chairs
Image 3
Take a photo with strangers –that’s Amman and Christy on the right
Image 4
Some people about to be erased
Image 5
AND we met a lot of dogs
Image 6
Now you see it, now you don’t. Carol acting as fig leaf.
Image 7
The Frolic #2 Crew: Aage, Carol, Jim, Melinda, Chris, Jacqueline. Hiding: Mazzie the puppy.