Big News: 2014 Milestone Event #1 is Scheduled!

NYC_Mara_Screen ShotSome of you know that I have committed this year to doing each of the three segments of an Ironman triathlon, each by themselves. I want them to be official, on-the-record events–not just a long ride or swim that I do on my own or with friends. (Though I do want to do them with friends, so get in touch if you want to join me for training or for all or part of the events.)

To review for those who may not know the respective distances, an Ironman or long-course triathlon is composed of a 2.4 mile swim, a 112-mile bike and a 26.2 mile run. Add them up and they total 140.6. You may have seen that number on a sticker on someone’s bumper.

Last week, part of the picture clarified. My marathon run this year will take place on November 2nd through the five boroughs of New York City! This was a major score. Some people qualify for the NY marathon based on a race time. Vast others enter a lottery like I did, and those that are notified via a Congrats email in late March. Tons of people aren’t selected. Some apply year after year and have built up some hostility about it. This was only my second attempt, so I’m really lucky. And I’m sorry if you’re a jilted NYC marathoner reading this.

Now that the initial glee of getting in to NY is subsiding, I’m plotting out my training and getting nervous about trip logistics. Any big destination race involves headaches about getting yourself to the start, usually at an absurdly early hour, with someone’s help or using an unfamiliar transit system. Then there’s getting back on tired legs and a dazed, post-race head. Getting all of that sorted out feels more daunting than an ultra run.

I’m looking forward to training. I’ll do a couple more halfs on my way to November. After Mercer Island, I’m ready to build a strong half base in the spring and start doing some teen and twenty-ish mile runs over the summer and fall.

Now, on to nailing down the other two thirds of my athletic year. Suggestions?