Good Bye Samoas

samoasI think it has only just hit my consciousness that Girl Scout Cookies have a season. I know this because I just survived it. David brought home a box of Samoas, the chocolate dipped shortbread ring cookies with a ruff of toasted coconut. How did I not know about these before? As soon as they were in my house, I was committed to eating at least two every night after dinner. Remarkable how quickly that habit became bedrock.

This demonstrated once again the maxim held by one of my nutrition mentors, John Berardi. “If it is in your house (car, desk, purse, briefcase), you WILL eat it.”

Eating them is one way to get them out of your house (car, desk, purse, briefcase). I wish I had had the fortitude to just resist them, or to throw them out. But now that they are out, I’m so much the richer of willpower. There will be some grieving tonight, and I’m preparing to have a stand-in treat: a sliver of very dark chocolate. Complete denial never flies for long.

What’s in your house (car, desk, purse, briefcase) that you’d be better off ditching? And what could take its place?