Nine Months Later…This Baby!


In June of last year, our storage locker was burglarized and the thieves made off with our bikes. That threw a wrench in my 2013 triathlon come-back plans, and I’ve been feeling bike lame ever since. Most people would just go out and buy a bike, but as my dad once lovingly observed, I’m glacially slow at stuff like this.

It took me almost nine months, but look at the sweet baby I got! I was week after week visiting the bike shop, test-riding on bitterly cold days. Tony Davita at Gregg’s Greenlake Cycle was consistent, patient, informed, intuitive and fun. After flirting with a Trek Madone and a swarthy Pinarello, I finally walked out with this divine Specialized Venge. The Venge is a road bike, but with an aerodynamic edge. I knew when I saw it that I had found a bike that would hold its own in the triathlon transition zone with all those cute Cervélos, Quintana Roos and Felts, but that wouldn’t make my road bike pals tease me for having a fussy time trial bike.

So I am in the crushed out honeymoon phase of new bike ownership, which makes me want to ride a lot. That’s helpful since I’ll be doing my first 112 mile ride this year. Yikes! Let’s ride!