I Frolic. You?

RCD_mustacheLeft to my own devices, I would frolic all the live-long day. Going from one interest to another. Not entirely unproductive, but errands and accomplishments woven with reverie. I think about how to make that a legit part of my life. And in the past month, I decided to incorporate an official Frolic into my calendar.

The Frolic is my way of mending frayed social fabric and combating sedentary tendencies at the same time, inconspicuously dressed as a fun thing to do.

So here’s the deal. Once a month, I pick an in-motion, social activity and invite you to do it with me–I cover all or most of the cost if there is one. It’s open to friends and family, but not every single one will be kid-friendly. Ready?

The first Frolic happens tomorrow night, Friday February 28th. I’m taking you bowling! Meet me at the Garage on Broadway from 6-8pm. I’ll pay for the lane, you get your bowling shoes ($4).

The parameters of what make a grand frolic are still getting hammered out, but they go something like this:

  • involve some amount of physical activity, but don’t require a lot of skill
  • not intimidating, or at least, have an on-ramp built in (a lesson, modifications)
  • not too highly structured (maybe a lesson, but then loose)
  • works with a group, even if it’s something you could do alone
  • allows for social connecting (again, not too scripted)
  • not a pain to get too or park for (or really worth it, if so)
  • have a game-like option or are playful in nature

I’m collecting other frolicsome ideas. Got any? Here are a few already in the hopper:

  • sculpture park scavenger hunt
  • bocce ball
  • art walk
  • South Lake Union historical walking tour
  • visit to the roller skating rink
  • curling lesson
  • croquet
  • photo scavenger hunt in various Seattle neighborhoods

Send me your ideas. Join me.