The Power of Fun

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I believe in the power of fun. It’s one of the best things you can have. Before my fitness work, I did game development. Board games, party games, ropes-course-y experiential games, and big social run-climb-grab-open-maneuver-twist-discover mind-and-body games. It turns out that stuff is hard for me to shake. In my fitness work, designing group fitness classes and client workout plans, it matters to me that the people doing it are having a lot of fun.

When you’re playing, you’ve got a lot to be grateful for. It’s a sign of health. To be able to play, you’ve got to have attended to lots of needs that take up the base of the pyramid: you’re breathing and your body works, you probably know where your next meal is coming from, your home and home life aren’t seriously in question. You’re ready to take on higher levels of actualization, engaging holistically– brain, emotions, body–with spirit and spontaneity. You can open yourself up socially and creatively. You’re in a position to make connections, get new ideas and take risks.

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That’s all a bit analytical. Another way to appreciate the power is the measure of laughter, cheering and vibrancy coming off the gang in Strength & Stamina class this week. If I could separate the two (and it’s good that I can’t), I might even say that the energy of play was even more important than the physical fitness benefits of our class. What motivates me day to day is seeing that everyone got a fantastic dose of Feeling Alive that will stoke them through whatever they come up against in their day.

If you take my class, yes, we may do some of the standard exercises. But I will always be looking for a format and setting a tone that put us all into the zone of fun and play.

It’s important!