Radical Workout Scavenger

This time of year, when so much competes for your time, it’s easy to fall out of the habit of exercise and eating well. You can’t always avoid it, but the victory is in how you handle it. If you think of it as an all-or-nothing deal, then you’re at risk.

Instead, take the attitude that you’re bound to have your good habits threatened or lapse some time, so be ready for that to happen and to on-ramp yourself without a lot of denial, resistance and brow-beating.

Looking ahead and anticipating can help you solve the problem before it’s a problem. So much about keeping habits is the context. Recognize the key ingredients that facilitate your fitness and eating habits and without which you would languish. If you normally run with a friend, how will you deal when that person goes out of town? If you usually go to the gym when the kids are in school, what happens when school is closes? Have a back up plan for outlandish situations.

But you can’t avert every downfall. If you get off track for a day or two, just notice it. Don’t waste your energy agonizing over it. Realize that interruptions don’t mean you’ve lost your groove irretrievably. And make sure you know they don’t give you license to give up! It’s when you overcome those obstacles that you really triumph and get a burst of energy.

At times of major disruption, you have the power to change your expectations. If you don’t have the full hour for a class you usually attend, does that mean you don’t go at all? Of course not. This fitness instructor here definitely sanctions coming late or leaving early over missing class entirely. If you’re severely time-squeezed, it may be time to start doing a 20-minute workout and up the intensity. Now you’re telling me you don’t have 20 minutes? Well, I’ve worked with folks during intense over-work situations in which they’re literally grabbing 60 seconds to do some lunges in a corner. They are radical workout scavengers and I love them.

When the goal is to stay active, there’s always a solution. You owe it to yourself. Scavenge!