Winter Sun Running

Here in Seattle it’s 32 degrees, and brilliantly sunny. Though it’s a bit of a shock going outside, I’ll easily trade temperature for that light. Winter sun is a precious gift in this region. It feels extra shimmery somehow, to see the bare branches illuminated with an orange glow. The extreme slanted angle brings it into our apartment in surprising dashes.

Running and working out in this weather feels great. I have a desire to be a part of it, to get my body hit from all angles by that fleeting light and to be robust and undaunted by the cold air. I feel like I’m putting something over on the rain gods when I get to run in this sun. Yesterday, I ran in shorts in 42 degrees, which felt indulgent and maybe even illegal.

After two months of intermittent running (thanks broken rib) I am starting to get back to it. A light speed workout last week. 5K not-quite-to-pace on Thursday. 6-mile moderate on Saturday. A 4-mile hill run on Monday. I cheered on Seattle Half and Marathoners on Sunday, which also happened to be the one-year anniversary of my marathon experience with Daddy. Watching those runners–from the gliding elites to those who were struggling to keep running at mile 18–tapped me in to the deep desire to be doing that level of effort again. Not just running, but training for something big. Sometimes the time off helps you see that you really want it.

So, putting y’all on notice! I’ll be training for Mercer Island Half at the end of March, and then on to another marathon. Which one? I’d like your suggestions…