A Few Misconceptions DeBusked!

I had a fantastic session with a new client last week. We met in her style-y living room where I taught her exercises, and we ran through them. After the workout, we were panting and shaking, her dog barking at the antics. She was really excited. A week before, when we first met, she’d told me that she couldn’t figure out how to get the regular exercise she needed–between two kids (she’s a single mom) who needed to be at school at different times, and her schedule running her own design business, she had about 40 minutes to fit in fitness. She takes a challenging yoga class but can’t get to it more than once a week. And it doesn’t give her the dynamic strength training and high intensity intervals needed for progressing her fitness or managing her weight.

She told me, “I wasn’t even going to meet with you! I thought, to use a trainer, I would need to belong to a gym. And I thought I would have to meet with you every week, which I knew I couldn’t afford. I didn’t know THIS was an option!

I often have to get people past those two misconceptions.

1. I’m not associated with a gym. (Though I belong to the good ol’ YMCA and can use other gyms with clients if needed.) Many of my clients don’t belong to gyms. If you have a gym, and like it–we can work with that, but if you don’t, that doesn’t need to stop you. For some people, getting to a gym isn’t a barrier and the equipment or vibe motivates them. But for many, it’s extra time, extra money or an environment that doesn’t do it for them. The client in this story couldn’t see how she could fit it into her life to even get to the gym–that was time she could have spent working out.

2. You don’t have to meet with me every week. While some people find it helpful, confidence building or motivating to meet that frequently, most do great with meeting once or twice a month. We go over exercises and they demonstrate they can do them safely and we dial in the intensity level. We talk about their near and long-term goals and what their weekly schedule looks like. After that, having specific workout plans that I send them weekly gives them focus and a plan for what to do on a given day. The main thing they need in addition to that is the follow up. I ask them to report back to me and I ask them how the workouts went. The accountability factor–knowing that someone cares whether you did your workout–is probably the key service I provide.

If you need a plan or a partner for your fitness, and you’ve been subscribing to one or both of those beliefs, you can set them aside. Let’s replace them with a vision we design according to what fits with your life.