Where is the Change Already True?

One of the most powerful things you can do when you are working on making a behavior change is to ask yourself, “where is this change already happening in my life?”

The way things are is never black and white even though we often see it that way. If you are longing for something to change, say, eating less sugar or exercising more or having a better work/life balance, look around at your life and find little flickers when are you already succeeding. What are the conditions that inspire or help? Is it being with certain people? Is it because you remembered to bring a change of clothes to work? Is it because you got up half an hour earlier? If you haven’t even ever done the thing before, what’s the seed of it that’s inspired you or the thing that’s like it that has you opening the door and taking a step toward that change?

Once you identify those flickers, focus on them and all that helps them ignite and flourish. How can you perpetuate those so that fire catches on?