In Praise of PT

I am a fan of physical therapy. Massage restores me and helps me stay in balance. I try to get a massage a couple of times a month. I have had hit-and-miss chiropractic and soft-tissue work, Acupuncture is a bit of a mystery to me. And I believe all of these modes of treatment compliment each other and support rehabilitation, but physical therapy has changed my life.

I have worked with a lot of physical therapists over the years. As I work in this field, I look to them both to tune my body and to deepen my understanding of how we function in action. I bring so much of what I learn into my work with clients.

I frequently encourage clients to see PTs, sometimes meeting with them and their therapists to make sure our work progresses in alignment. A good PT will do the detective work to understand your movement dysfunctions and will be able to prescribe exercises that will strengthen the inactive muscles or get the nerve pathways re-firing correctly. This can take time. And it takes work on your part too. Do it!  And don’t give up. Keep inquiring, keep going back and doing your exercises. The experience of finally regaining mobility and strength is so worth it.

I have several PTs I can recommend, all of whom love working with active people. Here’s one of them: Vida Integrated Health is doing a evening workshop this Thursday on Functional Movement Screening. They’re also serving wine and cheese, but no word on whether wine comes before movement analysis or after. The FMS is a great way to get insights to movement patterns that may be prone to injury or already there. Check it out.