Pain and Suffering

It was in the middle of a long, cold, wet and achy bike ride that I finally understood a phrase David often quotes: “There’s a difference between pain and suffering.”

Pain and discomfort are the physical realities: “Wow, this is a hard ride, my legs are completely beat, and I’m freezing”.

Suffering is the mental layer, the drama you add to pain; it’s the story you tell yourself about what’s happening: “Why am I having such a horrible ride?! My stupid coach didn’t give me enough hill training! Why does this always happen to me? Am I even going to be able to finish this race? Why the fuck do I have to live in fucking rainy Seattle?”

Get it now?

Knowing the difference between pain and suffering and mindfully accepting what’s simply happening without adding anxiety, distress and anger, can make a profound impact on your day, your ride, your race and your life.