Running with Realities

A mentor of mine says we start with an ideal training or workout schedule, but ultimately we’re always running with realities.

When I worked with a coach, I learned this by experience. My life kept intervening in my training schedule. Every week I would report back and say, well, this week was a little crazy because…” When I realized I was saying that almost every week, I got the message.

Now when my clients feel like they aren’t sticking to their plans, or won’t be able to fit workouts in, or that they are looking at a crazy week. that’s what I remind them. Few weeks are ideal. So while you have an ideal plan, have a fall-off plan in your back pocket. Sometimes you just get a 15-minute window to workout. So that day you do a 15-minute workout.

When I’m making training plans for clients, we talk or email every week about what things look like for them. I try to understand the landscape of their next week. If they doubt they can fit in a work out on a given day, I don’t give them one. If they need a workout they can do with kids in tow, or at a playground, or quietly during naptime, or when they are in a hotel room, or on a cruise ship, or in adverse weather. That’s running with realities. And that’s what we do.