Yes, I’m a Nutrition Coach

The big news in my life this month is that I am now certified as a Nutrition Coach through an organization called Precision Nutrition. I am super excited about this. These guys are visionaries in the fitness and nutrition field. They have built a fantastic program that coaches people to real and lasting results. Some of the things I like about them:

They value the science of nutrition AND the art of coaching behavior change.

Their approach is research and outcome-driven, not gimmicky or faddish.

They focus on food for real life, especially in a context of active and athletic people.

They appreciate good food.

Their definition of nutrition balances Health, Body Composition and Performance.

They are smart, sensible, funny down-to-Earth people who know good coaching and see it as a powerful way to change the world. I’m proud to be aligned with them.

As a newly minted coach, I’m launching a 16-week nutrition coaching program and taking a limited number of people at a highly discounted price. The timing is great for folks who are already eying the holiday season with the idea that they would like to do it differently this year, at least as far as how they eat.

To see more about why I’m jazzed about Precision Nutrition, how the program works and how it can help you make nutrition changes, check out my Nutrition Coaching page.