Looking for a Little Coaching?

It’s (ALMOST) summer in Seattle, time to get outside, strip down and feel great in your body!

The months ahead offer fun runs, triathlons, city scrambles, and other fitness events, along with weddings, reunions and milestones that call for looking and feeling fantastic.

Maybe you’ve considered getting some help feeling strong, toned, light and energized.

Maybe you’re motivated, but need extra accountability

Maybe you like being active, but you’re looking for structure

Maybe you’re bored and want engaging workouts and direction…

Maybe you want to start running, or do a triathlon, but need some training expertise

Maybe you’ve thought about weekly sessions with a trainer, but aren’t sure you can afford it. That can easily cost $300 a month, and you won’t necessarily get an on-going plan.

I have a proposal for you. In my coaching program, I’ll design weekly workout plans specific to you. We’ll meet in person to get you started. Then, you’ll do your workouts on your own. We’ll talk or email to keep you motivated, and meet in person once a month.

As my client, here’s what you’ll get with this package.

  • A kick-off consultation to discuss your goals
  • One in-person training session a month
  • Weekly email or phone contact as well as tips on motivation, nutrition, and more
  • An online customized training plan updated weekly based on your progress

Your training plan can take you in any of these directions:

  • Couch-to-5K for beginner runners
  • Get Faster 5K, 10K, half/full marathon for experienced runners
  • Multi-sport Mastery – do your first triathlon, or a better triathlon
  • Athletic Advantage – improve your tennis, soccer, hiking, cycling
  • Strength for Life – add smart strength work to your regimen
  • Trim Down Shape Up – before a wedding, after the baby, for a milestone birthday or reunion—a mix of cardio and strength designed to shed fat and build lean muscle.

In case you’re curious, here’s an example of a coaching plan.

Triathlon Training Plan Sample

Ready to feel fantastic in your body? Let’s get started! Email or call me to ask questions or to set up our first meeting.

About Me: I am a personal trainer certified through the American College of Sports Medicine, and a USA Triathlon Coach. Before turning to fitness, I completed a Masters in Education focused on motivation and play, and I designed games for a living. Now, I put all those things together to give you the tools for living healthy, staying motivated and pushing your fitness to new levels.

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