Hi all,

Sorry for the long absence. Many of you know that my dear dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about two weeks ago. For most of that time I’ve been in Florida with him, my stepmom and my sister helping get tests done, seeing doctors, making decisions about treatment and getting it rolling. Of course we also spent time just being with each other. And every day feels like a gift.

Dad started chemo today and is heading out for a brisk walk in the sun.

I want to write something longer, but my message today is just a quick one: look at yourself body, mind, soul, spirit, and find what is healthy and vibrant. Even if you are facing a disease, a disability, some dis-function, there’s some spark (or roaring fire) of health in you.

Find it, name it, feel it, appreciate it, demonstrate it, love it, celebrate it.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. Hi Rachel…I HAVE been missing your posts. Glad to see that the fire is still burning for Unstill Life! Thank you for your words…I love the idea of a “spark or roaring fire of health” inside of us all. We are thinking of you and your Dad. Take good care of each other….I am sure that you will.

    xox Cece

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