On Taking Micro-Breaks

Interesting study about the impact that long-term sitting has on your health. Researchers followed 123,000 people over 13 years. Those who sat for 6 or more hours a day were almost twice as likely (37%) to die during the study as those who sat for 3 or fewer hours a day (18%). And that’s regardless of how much exercise they got. Those 6+ hour people may have been super active! They were running, going to spin class, playing soccer, but if they sat 6+ hours a day, they had a higher mortality rate.

What’s a 6+ hour sitter to do? You work in an office or at a table, the stuff’s got to get done– you’ve GOT to sit. Not everyone can mount their computer on a treadmill. (That’s my sis, yo? Her boss set that up! Elea, report?)

Here’s what you do: get yourself on a micro-break program. If you’re self-disciplined, you can set an alarm to go off every hour or so and make yourself take a 5-minute walk-around-and-stretch break. But if you need help with that kind of self-discipline (you’ll blow off your phone alarm, or, more likely, you’re reading this thinking- WTF, take a break?!), then go to this website www.workrave.org and download their free micro-break software.

Get up, walk around. Breathe deeply. Do some Ws. Stretch your hip flexors. Hang out in plank for 30 seconds. You know in your heart that you’ll return to your work refreshed and with more to give.

3 thoughts on “On Taking Micro-Breaks

  1. Ha! We love our treadmill, that’s for sure. Now just need a cork to stick in my mouth to keep the Fritos out…. Taylor has mainly been using the treadmill while she makes calls. As our chief sales executive, she makes sometimes over 200 calls a week. With the treadmill, she is definitely doing more calls and is much happier about it.
    We learned a lot about the dangers of sitting at the TEDMED conference (http://www.tedmed.com/home) this year — and about eating well and about lengthening healthy life. Sitting is a big part of that. We’re not built to sit still!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. Can’t quite seem to get the hang of it… hours float by. Downloaded workrave, hoping for some help.

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