Dawn of a New Season

Yesterday was the first group run in the new season of the Rachel x Two run training. It’s like the first day back at camp, when Rachel Scheiner and I get to see which kids are coming back and meet some new kids we’re going to get to share great running adventures with over the next three months.

We were blown away today with a great showing. So many return folks and a huge bunch of newbies too. All paces and personalities. Some people were brought by friends, some total strangers showed up. Some fasties looking to get faster. Some wide-eyed, first-blush new runners. Some who don’t care much about pace, but just love a social run through a new neighborhood. A mother-father-daughter joined up. We’re working on the little brother.

Today’s run wound through the Central District hitting nine mini parks along the way. Nora’s Wood, Powell Barnett, Spruce Street Mini Park, Cal Anderson, Seven Hills, and more.

We started and finished the run at Cortona Coffeehouse and they gave the group free coffee, which made Rachel and me want to have the whole group write them a Thank You note, a lá kindergarten field trip. Awwww!

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