The Scene at the Ol’ Jan 1st Plunge

Our annual rite of January 1– run the Resolution 5K ending in a dive into Lake Washington. Here were some of the sights and sounds…

Girls ready to swim
You wouldn't think polar bears would come this close to downtown...
Jaunty sparkle hat thanks to Karen O'Connor who wore it in plunges past
Me and the boys

Happy New Year y’all.





2 thoughts on “The Scene at the Ol’ Jan 1st Plunge

  1. Hi Rachel, Happy New Year from Vancouver! I wanted to share a little gift of the New Year with you..
    I stopped smoking 38 days ago. Set a goal to run the Sun Run 10k in May. Got new runners (with flowers) from happy husband. Ran yesterday and today. The best thing off all though, was the feeling I got from a fellow “runner” on my first stretch out. In the past I have found smoking outside our Kits home rather embarrassing … and usually held my head down, while lighting up, Well, New Years day this year, I bound (haaa! not yet…) down our driveway only to meet up with a woman breathing in the fresh air, while running past me. She gave me a smile and the nod. I think you know the one.. I hadn’t seen it in a long while. I want to see it again.

  2. Yay Elizabeth! I love every detail of this from the outfit to the nod. Please keep me posted on your training progress. You have an excellent running resource in Jeff. I will just offer myself up if you ever want a second or non-spousal opinion on things running-related. Huge congrats on the step into fresh air. Your heart and lungs are getting better every day. xoxo

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