2011 Year-End Shout Out

New Year’s Eve 2011.

Here’s to all this year’s 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, triathlons, relays. Tracks circled. Mountains climbed, bikes ridden, lakes swum. Hulas hooped. Friends cheered.

Here’s to great classes we took–yoga, strength, boot camp, Zumba, Nia, tai chi, kick-boxing ,spinning, aerial and much more–and the teachers who taught them (excellent or mediocre- we probably learned something from both).

Here’s to inspiring students who came to my classes with open minds, challenged me to keep designing good programs, and made it so fun to push ourselves hard.

Here’s to body-workers, physical therapists, doctors, nutrition experts who helped us care of ourselves.

Here’s to coaches, friends and partners–people who cheered us on and made us get up and out when we didn’t really want to. Who gave us encouragement after a rough workout or race. Who ran or worked out beside us making the time fly and getting more out of us than we thought we had.

Here’s to a year of putting our goals out there and going after them. Getting them! And discovering the lessons and gifts hidden in not getting them. Doing our best and leaving the rest.

To a new year, new goals, new fitness frontiers. Let’s go get 2012, kids!

Leave me your memorable 2011 fitness highs, lows and insights so we can all shout you out.

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