Shout Outs to People Taking Class

This week we’re shouting out to people taking fitness classes of all kinds. When you find a class you like, it makes keeping the habit of fitness so much easier. Here’s why:

#1) It’s on your calendar, so you’re more likely to stop what you’re doing and keep your date with it rather than procrastinating and ultimately blowing off an unscheduled workout.

#2) It’s social, and you may even know and like the other people, another enticement to show up. And being with people generally makes the time fly by and the work effort seem less- or at least you can complain to each other about how hard it is.

#3) There’s a teacher or coach to give you feedback and push you, so you find yourself doing more than you thought you could with confidence that you’re doing it safely.

The variety of classes out there is astounding. Here’s a small sampling of classes you’ve been up to lately…

A small group of hammerheads have been regulars at Kyra’s spin class at the University YMCA including Peter and Sara Valente and Paul Porte. Pete and Sara also take boot camp classes in a giant indoor sandbox in Georgetown. Talk about getting strong–working out in the sand!?

Jeanine Fouchér is taking spin and Survivor classes (and surviving them presumably) at Zum Fitness. Jeanine had some injuries to contend with over the past year and had to stop running, which she loved. She really worked to find new activities and the right environment, but she kept up the search, kept moving and trying new things. She really made it important.

Jenn Nourse is a regular at the Sassy Fit circuit and interval training classes. She’s even been Sassy Fitter of the Month.

Rachel Scheiner, who, like me will try just about anything (i.e.; trapeze, Crossfit, boxing) is showing up at Dillon Kreider’s strength class at The Fitness Lab.

Finally, I want to salute my very dedicated boot campers Molly, Catherine, Margaret, Gretl, Jen B, Ruth, Patty, Hope and Linda. And the classes I love teaching for Seattle Fit Club – Martha, Ann, Betsy, Gail, Jen, Kelly, Jillian, Stephanie, Erin, Alicia, Monica, Julie. You kids don’t shy away from anything! It’s inspiring to see you keep coming week after week, doing more push ups, having more stamina and being amazed with your bodies.

What classes do you take or want to try?

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