A Milestone

Just a brief post to announce a milestone I hit last week. After months of study and two years of practical experience with my clients and classes, I took my certification exam last week and passed. I am now a certified personal trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine and can bandy about the letters ACSM-CPT.

There are a lot of entities who will certify you as a trainer. When I was deciding which one to go with, I checked out a lot of respected trainers and the gyms and clinics who employ them and found that this was easily the top one or two most valued certifications. Some facilities will accept only this one. The test preparation and exam were pretty rigorous, and I really wasn’t 100% sure I would pass it until I hit that Submit button and saw my score. Thankfully, it was a good one.

ACSM is big on integrating scientific research into the practical application of exercise science and sports medicine. I get journals chronicling recent findings in exercise science that I can tell you about here or use directly in training and coaching.

So I am feeling good about passing the exam and carrying this certification, but I think a certification doesn’t amount to two crossed sticks unless it also results in results for you. I’m just even more confident now that I can deliver them.

Here’s to milestones, mine and yours.

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