Shout Outs for Seattle Marathoners and Halfers

My co-Rachel and I (our running group is Rachel x Two) got to cheer on a dozen runners from our training program in the Seattle Half and Full Marathon yesterday. Our marathoners Jayson Beatty, Jenn Nourse, José Vargas and Kendra Anderson were out there in drenching rains and 25mph gusts. The guy who won the marathon was quoted in today’s paper “I’ve run quite a bit faster than that, but this course is just so hard. It’s not about the time.” That said, these guys did great and we are super proud of them. May they do their next marathons in a still, dry, warm and flat environment.

Our Half Marathon crew all had personal bests or beat their previous Seattle Half times–amazing! Mark Aiken was giving himself a hard time for not getting under 2 hours until we reminded him that his previous time for this course was a good 25 MINUTES slower. Holy Hell Mark! That is serious progress toward the goal! Keep it in your sites.

Also having major personal or course bests were Nicki Sadow-Hasenberg (sick and with sore ankle), Tabitha Belter, Chris Belter, Hiromi Lorenz, Jim Bennett, Suzanne Perin (2:12 in her first half!), and Ivana Begley. Yay everybody!

The Rx2 Rookie award has to go to Lisa Miller who came into our program able to run about two miles at a 15:00 pace. Last week she did her first race ever– the Green Lake Gobble 5K, and blasted through it at an average pace of 9:28. Shows you what a race environment can do–she was barely going that fast for a single mile at track.

I also saw some other friends pass my post at Mile 5/Mile 18. My awesome coach from VO2 Multisport Rocky Ursino, who was all business; Stephanie Buley, who was making good time, and Monica Duke, who was quite smiley.

We had a post-race bash for the gang at Lisa’s house and John Bagley provided free massages. It makes for a pretty sweet end to the session. I’ve been so inspired and proud of everyone in the Rx2 program, even those who didn’t end up racing, but who used the program to launch themselves on a path of greater fitness and a new adventure. Congratulations for getting out there and keeping it moving.


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