Friday Shout Outs for November 18

Some of the Fitter and Funner Pineapple Chunks You'll Find

This week I heard from Bonnie Chelini, an avid athlete who embraces just about anything active. She never seems bothered by the turn of seasons because she knows it means she gets to do a different set of sports. Last week Bonnie and a friend did the Pineapple Classic, a 5K obstacle-laden race held every November. They scaled walls, scrambled over hay bale mazes, down tubes and under nets –all dressed as pineapple chunks.

More turkey trots and jingle jogs are coming up in the next month. I’m doing something called the Green Lake Gobble on Sunday with a band of friends, costume-free.

I challenge you to sign up for one of these 5Ks today! (See my previous post on signing up for something.) You can get a few friends, throw on costumes and make it a party, but part’s entirely optional. Of course, if you’d rather just do the race (and look down your nose at the costumed people), by all means do that. The 5K is such a great invention! It’s a solid milestone for those just starting to/getting back to exercise, and it’s also an excellent fitness check-in for more experienced athletes.

If that feels like something you’d like to try, but need help getting to, drop me a note. One of my favorite things is delivering new and returning runners to the starting line of a 5K. If you’re an old hand and want to get faster, ditto.

Get out there and send me news and documentation of your doings.

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