Friday Shout Outs for November 4th

This week I ran into Carol Clifford and the 4-year old prince Aage (aka Double A) whom she nannies. It was a big day for Aage who was on his way to his first swimming lesson. A triathlete in the making?

David DeBusk was in NYC for the week and made time (way to go pal!) for a few runs in Central Park. He reported that the park was decked out for this weekend’s marathon and that there were hundreds of people out there doing their taper runs. Inspiring and humbling to run with stunning Ethiopian and Kenyan runners.

Marathon season is in full swing in Seattle too. Three weeks from the race, most runners are doing their last long runs before tapering. Rachel x Two runners Jenn Nourse and Jayson Beatty blazed through 22 hilly miles this weekend.

The Unstill Life Boot Camp moved indoors this week. The change of venue means we don’t have our usual backdrop of evergreens, view of the Space Needle or useful camel statues in front of the Asian Art Museum. But the upside includes more fitness gizmos to play with, music to motivate us, and of course, light and warmth and shelter from rain. Join us for 6am classes on Monday or Wednesday. Look here for location and details. And if 6am is when you do Snooze Camp, and you prefer your fitness after sun-up, contact me or check back for information on upcoming mid-morning classes.

What did YOU do this week?

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