The Phytochemical Special

A seriously vibrant lunch

My lunch today–pretty vivid! I challenge you to eat such colors. This came from the lunch counter at Healeo on 15th Avenue. They sling a lot of hues there. This was Yam and Coconut Milk Bisque and an Apple Beet Carrot Ginger Aloe Vera juice on the side.

Bright colored foods are saying- Hey! Eat me! It’s how they advertise their especially potent nutrients and phytochemicals, which protect cells from environmental damage and disease. It’s not a bad strategy to trot out on occasion– What color have I not eaten in a while? How about some magenta?

In Seattle at least the harvest has been crazy abundant. It’s starting to wane a little now, but because of our late blooming summer, we had a huge variety of produce all in season at once. You can still find some local berries, figs and persimmons, and meanwhile here come all the winter squashes, sweet potatoes and root things. Get out there and eat colors people!

Produce acting nonchalant at Madison Market


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