Special Shout Out Edition: Keira Hoops!

Some of Keira's Hoop Handiwork

Our first guest on the UnStill Life blog is Keira McGannon, who mentors me in the discipline of hula hooping. Hooping is a luscious way to move. And while you’re playing like a circus kid, you’re getting stronger more flexible torso. If you haven’t tried hooping since you were a kid, and never with a larger, heavier hoop, seek one out. It makes a difference.

Keira taught me the handful of tricks I know–the Turnaround, the Step Through, the Pull Up, The Pull Down. And she turned me on to the wealth of hoop tutorials on You Tube. She also makes beautiful hoops and hosts hoop-making parties. Learn how to make your own hoop in this quick video.  (And check out the avant garde film-making techniques I employed.)

Here are some detailed instructions for making a hoop.

Search You Tube for “hula hoop tricks” and you’re on your way.

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