Shouts for the Week


One advantage of having my pal Rachel Scheiner fresh back from doing two Ironmans in two months is that I can ride bikes with her and just about keep up. David and I joined Rachel and Doug Wilcox (hibernating cyclist and animator) on a ride around Mercer Island. For non-Seattleites, that’s a forested residential isle in the middle of Lake Washington edged with a 13 mile, twisty ribbon roadway where cars are almost always kind to bikes. It’s a fun spin with miles 10-12 making your bike feel like a roller coaster. Rachel and I also met up at the YMCA pool and traded-off calling the workout every 150 meters. Having pals to play with makes all the difference.

You heard about the 100 year old marathoner? (8 hours 11 minutes). He didn’t even start running until he was in his 80s. Well, my dad Patrick Carey is on it! He’s just 73 and training for his first 5K. Keep it up Dad!

Karen O’Connor did the Leavenworth Half Marathon and came in at 1:58. Too bad she missed a turn, and only ran 12.3 miles! Not to make Karen out to be a boob, though. Turns out pretty much everybody in the race missed that turn. Race marshaling faux pas for sure. Three other Rachel x Two runners–Jason, Dara and Jake all had strong (if .8 mile short) races at Leavenworth. Way to run runners!

The Martinez Girls–Colleen and Lucy–make me wonder where I would be if I’d run a 7 minute mile at age 10. They ran their hearts out at the CYO Cross Country Championships. Just look at them! Those gals are being raised right. Here’s what I mean: their mom Molly broke her toe, but STILL came to boot camp and did 42 push ups.

Lucy, more of a sprinter really.
Colleen (and she was sick!)

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