Friday Shout Outs for the Week

Paulie and me post-ride

After weeks of trying, I got Paul Porte to ride bikes with me. If I can ride with the likes of him once a week through the winter, I’ll be well on my way to reaching my next speed goal of 18mph for an Olympic tri. Always fun Mister Paulie.

My beloved Volunteer Park Boot Camp expanded this week! We are Monday and Wednesday at 6am in front of the Asian Art Museum.

The Rachel x Two runners went rolling through Madrona, Leschi and Mt Baker last weekend. A flirty pup started trotting along with us in the first mile and was still with us, pulling us up Madrona Dr six miles later. Named Rachel x Three by the group, he has been reunited with his family.

David DeBusk is getting with the program! 20 minutes minimum, every day.

Karen, Jake, Dara and Jason are doing the Leavenworth Half this weekend. Be swift y’all!

What did you get out for? What’s your weekend hold?

Rachel x Two runners and our temp dog, Rachel x Three

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