Friday Shout Outs

Jenn Nourse and Jen Beatty showing the joy that is possible at a Rachel x Two track workout.

It’s Friday, and you know what that means…Shout Outs are coming your way.

But first I want to say what a thrill it was to hear from so many folks when the blog announcement went out. We have SUBSCRIBERS! All kinds! Triathletes, runners (brand new ones, ultras, multi-marathoners), health policy peeps, trainers, massage therapists, daddies (mine!), even Canadians! You’re in Seattle, Vancouver, Wisconsin, Memphis, Philadelphia. Holy Mackerel. It is really exciting.

As a result, there are more shout outs this week.

Shannon Polson was biking with her boys in San Juans. My cousin Jeff Narver is training for his 28th marathon (Victoria) in a week- Go Jeff–no cramps!–you’ll rock it! Carol Clifford shunned the ghosts of plantar fasciitis and ran a short stint with her adorable 3-year-old charge, Aage. Suzanne Perin did the Black Diamond Olympic triathlon in 2:55, awesome time for her first Oly in a while.

Lots of goodness to report from Rachel x Two, the run training program I lead with my co-Rachel (Rachel Scheiner who just did Ironman Canada and leaves for the world championships in Kona this week). Dan Corcoran and Jake Koenigsburg blew through the AIDS Alliance 5K – Dan took 3rd with a time just over 19:00. Jake took 2nd with a total time of 18:38. (If I can just interpret for anyone who doesn’t know from 5K run times, that is what you call Fucking FAST!) Rx2 also minted two Brand New Runners! Lisa Miller and Carrie Kim crossed the threshold from walk/running to sustained running this week. Brilliant! We Rachels are very excited for them.

In Memphis, Patrick Carey (Who’s YOUR daddy? Cause he’s mine.) has been walk/running 3.5 miles three times a week, wearing a heart rate monitor, tracking his workouts.

Back here in Seattle, Katie Talbott is getting back to running in the Fremont/Phinney Ridge area, and feeling her body hum again. She always glows, but I bet even more so now. I miss seeing Toni Harris at the track, but I hear she’s playing lots of tennis. Nicki Sadow-Hasenberg and I ran around Green Lake on Rosh Hashanah demonstrating we want more of that sweet stuff in the coming year. My cousin Allison Narver is 100% on her running workouts for the week. And my best pal of all, David DeBusk, ran with me along the majestic Columbia River.

If I missed shouting you out, quel faux pas! Don’t be modest, please add a comment chronicling your exploits.

Have a great weekend everyone. Get out there.


2 thoughts on “Friday Shout Outs

  1. Greetings from your Eastern fan club! Love all your post Rachel – keepin me inspired. I’ll have to send you a few pics from my favorite run routes here in the Philly area so you can see what life looks like on the other coast! Keep movin & groovin Girl!

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